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StarNet is a query and visualization tool for precomputed correlation data derived from a large selection of published microarray data. The purpose of this tool is to facilitate the development of well-supported hypotheses concerning gene regulatory influences and signaling pathway topology. StarNet will draw a correlation network that radiates from a gene of interest for a given microarray platform corresponding to a particular organism. To support an interpretation of the correlation network, hemen tikla ve istedigin porno kalitesiyle izle porno izle iyi seyirler dileriz. StarNet does a search of all genes in the correlation network against a database of known interactions, and performs an enrichment test of Gene Ontology terms annotating genes in the correlation network. To explore StarNet's features, try selecting Mus musculus FULL COHORT, enter Nkx2-5 as the Gene Symbol, and click on Submit Job. It should take less than two minutes to produce the result page. Also see StarNet Examples and User Documentation for more details.

Basic settings

First cohort:

Enter a gene symbol or Entrez Gene ID that corresponds to the first cohort:


Second cohort (optional):

The number of connections each gene should make:
The number of levels (steps from the central gene) that should be drawn:

Highlight Genes annotated with these GO terms (comma separated): lookup
Advanced settings
Choose a sub-distribution of correlation coeficients:
Network type
Weight (only used for Network Type 'Weight')
Correlations to view
Draw network with
Node type
Node style
Use brackets to indicate genes that appear in both the cardiac and full cohorts
Label edges with correlation coefficients
Draw edges using
Color scheme for node level with respect to the central node
NONE (under development-may not work yet)

If you find this tool useful in your work, please cite:
Jupiter, D.C., Chen H. and VanBuren, V. StarNet 2.0: A Web-based tool for accelerating discovery of gene regulatory networks using microarray co-expression data. BMC Bioinformatics, 10:332, 2009, PMID: 19828039 [PDF]

Jupiter, D.C. and VanBuren, V. A Visual Data Mining Tool that Faciltates Reconstruction of Transcription Regulatory Networks. PLoS ONE 3(3): e1717 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0001717 [PDF]


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Supported by a National Scientist Development Grant from the American Heart Asscociation (AHA SDG 0630263N, PI: VanBuren), by an AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship (AHA 0825110F, PI: Jupiter) and by start-up funds from the Dean of the College of Medicine and the Department of Systems Biology and Translational Medicine, Texas A&M Health Science Center (PI: VanBuren).



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